Study: Pot Hurts Brain Function

by Delthia Ricks, Newsday                                                                                 […]

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Adjustment to Divorce


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Women In Abusive Relationships

Written by Kay Posillico, LCSW

       Women in abusive relationships are found in all social economic levels, all educational and age groups, and from all races. Certain characteristics generally present in these women often create difficulties for them. Emphasis must be made that these traits […]

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Up From Depression

by Kay Posillico, LCSW

     At some time or another, all of us experience depression. We feel down on life and down on ourselves. Everything seems hopeless. Each day is a sorry burden. We experience certain types of depression at times of loss of […]

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Why Teenagers Act Crazy: by Richard A Friedman, Sunday Review of the New York Times
              Adolescence is practically synonymous in our culture with risk taking, emotional drama, and all forms of outlandish behavior. Until very recently, the widely accepted explanation […]

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How To Prepare For The Crisis In Life

       It is important to take steps to prevent painful delayed stress reaction if you have experienced a major life trauma. Here are some ways to improve your “psychological fitness”.
      1. Realize that pain and stress are a part of […]

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Shame, Shame, and More Shame

One of the most toxic emotions we carry, even in recovery, is shame.  I say that because shame does not contribute to healing or controlling behavior.  It actually makes thing worse and is more likely to drive our compulsive behavior to use than not. […]

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4 Lifelines To Stress Reduction This Busy Time Of Year

I met a shopkeeper in the village of Huntington the other day who was so stressed about holidays, she said she could hardly breathe. She was taking huge gulps of air between sentences, making her feel and appear even more nervous. “What if you just calmly breathe through your nose?” I suggested.

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It is harder to find and keep a good long-term relationship than it was in our parents’ day. the divorce rate is soaring, infidelity has reached an all-time high, single parent families are common place.

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Concussions: What’s All The Fuss About?

In addition to being an honor roll student Michelle* was an avid softball player on her high school team.  During practice one afternoon Michelle struck her head on the ground while sliding into second base. Although she reported to her coach that her head […]

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