Mediation is by definition an empowering and self-directed form of non-antagonistic dispute resolution.  It is a form that focuses on creative solutions, not fault-finding.  It facilitates communication and mutual problem solving.

The thought of a marriage breaking up has never been described as being pleasant or easy.  However, every married couple considering divorce has a clear choice not to make the end of a marriage resemble of an exchange of weapons of personal destruction.

Divorce Mediation, on the other hand, places the divorcing couple at the center of the decisions that will comprise their settlement of all they worked and sacrificed for during the course of their marriage. In mediation the married couple who know their situation best will establish the terms of their settlement.

It’s a misconception for couples to believe that you have to get along with each other in order for mediation to work. That is not the case. The only requirement is a willingness to cooperate with each other and negotiate in good faith. The mediation process is the perfect venue for this to happen.