portrait photoLife Center Counseling and Health Services provides clinical screening, assessment, and treatment services for impaired driving offenders. This assessment is done by a certified OASAS Screening and Assessment Provider in accordance with changes in the State’s Vehicle and Traffic law (VTL), who holds a Credentialed Alcoholism and Substance Abuse Counselor certification, CASAC. Assessment consists of a Clinical face-to-face, in-person interview and collateral interviews with significant others. A psychosocial history is obtained to include presenting problem, including a discussion of pertinent and detailed information describing contributing factors, incidents and issues that precipitated assessment.

This evaluation takes approximately two hours, held in (1) two hour session or (2) one hour sessions, as determined by the evaluator. The process adheres to the Standards for Clinical Services Provided to Individuals Arrested for an Impaired Driving Offense. Providers shall obtain and utilize an alcohol and drug screening test performed by a laboratory, a review of the individual’s Abstract of Driving Record; a review of official documentation of the violation, and interviews with collateral sources. Upon completion of assessment, a report will be provided and submitted to referral source if requested. Review of recommendations and connecting individuals’ to referral sources will occur if needed. Information will be entered into the Impaired Driver System as well.

Needed on the assessment date is a copy of arrest record and license.