What Our Clients Say About Us…


Life Center

“Life Center is a sanctuary of healing (mind, body and spirit).  A center which provides compassion, love – a sense of home and family.”
– Stephanie Keys

Barbara Posillico, LCSW

“Five years ago I came to Barbara, essentially unable to function. After a few short weeks, my quality of life had already improved substantially. It has been a long journey since – filled with both wonderful and difficult times – and Barbara has always been at my side coaching me through it all. I owe her so much, not only for giving me my life back, but for teaching me to live in a way I could never have imagined five years ago. I am thankful for this every day.”
– Elizabeth N

Jeannine Ayres, Life Coach & Reiki Practitioner

“Jeannine has helped me tremendously in dealing with my colleagues, understanding my assets and rekindling the fire in my heart and soul. She gets it and gets you! She’s very talented and creative and spiritually practical. Have one session with her and you will be refreshed and optimistic again!”
– Gus Nuzzolese

“I have had the pleasure of sharing Reiki for three years with Jeannine, individually and with a group. She has a beautiful presence – warm, safe and caring. Her desire to bring spiritual and physical healing to people does just that.”
– Jane McAteer

“Jeannine has the gift of reminding people that they are worthy and capable, especially when they forget what it’s all about. She always brings people back to the central core of love and non-judgment. Her coaching should be called ‘nurturing’.”
– L. Aron

“Jeannine Ayres is a master coach. She is fun to work with and the coaching contract with her is a wonderful experience.”
– C.W.

Leslie Schult, LCSW

“Leslie is a unique therapist whose considerable knowledge and clinical skills are impacted in a clean-eye and forthright manner. She sees her clients as spiritual beings in need of healing, rather than people with problems that need fixing. Leslie’s loving wisdom has given me the greatest gift of all- trust in myself and my place in the world.”
– Jan deQuillfeldt, M.S.

” The Life Center has a wealth of highly trained staff that provides many different services. For people who are interested in bettering themselves inside and out, this center can help them reach their goals. There is constant communication between the staff and everybody is willing to work together to help you achieve your goals. When you enter the Life Center, you’re always greeted with a smile and a happy disposition. This center truly exhibits the future of healthcare; focusing on the well-being of their clients.”
– Anonymous

“My weekly experiences with Leslie Schult and the personnel at the Life Center continues to be extremely positive, rewarding and uplifting.  It provides me with the insights to address the challenges of everyday life.”
– R.G.

Its hard to put into words how much Leslie has helped me and what my experience with her has meant.  Leslie is such an amazing therapist and I don’t know where I would be today without her.  She is extremely kind, understanding, and easy to talk to.  Her ability to guide me through the grieving process has helped me so tremendously and has given me such a different outlook on life.  Each time I go to see her I leave feeling encouraged and more prepared to face another day.  I feel so blessed to have her in my life and I’m forever grateful to her and the Life Center.
– R.A.