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Couples & Family Counseling


What is Couples therapy?
Relationships of all types can be hard.  We can often address some of the difficulties in the relationship ourselves, but there are times when we need the help of a licensed professional.  Look at it from the standpoint of maintaining your house, car or health.  There are some things we can do the maintenance ourselves, but we need to know when to call in a professional for lasting repair.  

Couples therapy was previously known as marriage therapy, but as times have changed so has the field of marriage and family therapy.  Couples therapy isn’t only for couples who are married, but it’s for couples in all stages of a committed relationship.  The foundation of Couples therapy is to use evidence-based interventions and techniques to address areas in the relationship that the couple would like to improve or seek more relational clarification. Usually couples therapy is guided by a licensed marriage and family therapist, or a mental health professional who has been trained in the area of marriage and family therapy, or who is being supervised or mentored by a licensed marriage and family therapist.  

The Life Center Counseling Group offers many approaches to Couples therapy, but the most frequent and evidence-based approach is Family Systems Theory, Solution Focused therapy, Gottman Method and Emotional Focused Therapy, as well as behavioral counseling. Treatment goals are identified and agreed upon by the couple with an end for therapy in mind.  


Family at a Beach

Additionally, a couple of sessions of individual therapy might be recommended by your couple’s therapist to gather family and relational history to inform the therapist about the current emotional dynamics of the relationship.  


Why Couples Therapy?

A Couple might seek therapy for conflict, failed communication, betrayal (of all types), intimacy challenges, changes in lifestyle or new stressors, and/or family of origin concerns.  These issues can arise in any phase or type of a relationship.  Additionally, couples therapy is highly recommended when individuals in the relationship have mental health concerns and/or addiction concerns.  


Also, couples don’t only come to therapy when things are rocky, but they also come when things are going along well.  We call these times check-ins.  During those check-in sessions, we usually address “possible” issues, like time management, life-style balance and future planning that could cause stress. 

Research conducted by the American Association of Marriage and Family concluded that over 97% of surveyed couples got the help they needed from couples therapy. In addition, 93% of couples said therapy gave them more effective tools for dealing with conflict.


The Life Center Counseling Group has a group of couple’s therapist: Cindy Prince (LCSW); Christina Moran (LMFT); Amy Hoffman (LCSW); Barbara (LCSW), Kay (LCSW); Sallie Branch (LCSW) that have been trained to use evidence-based approaches with couples. 


Premarital Counseling

People spend years getting an education, decades to reach the top of their professions, yet most people devote minimal, if any time, to learning the skills that will enhance the most important relationship of their lives. Conventional wisdom suggests that the selection of a life partner determines to a great extent how happy and successful we are in life.


Every couple embarks on their marriage journey with differences and good intentions. Our counseling provides an opportunity to explore various facets of the relationship, including many that couples may not yet grasp as important. 


Pre-marriage counseling lays out skills needed to nurture a relationship; it helps couples identify strengths and potential areas for growth and explores healthy conflict resolution as well as other skills that contribute to long-term relationship success.

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