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Couple in Mediation

After Mediation
At the completion of mediation, the mediator prepares a written summary of the negotiated settlement known as a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU). Each party will receive a copy and may wish to have an attorney look at this agreement. After the agreement is signed, the next phase may involve obtaining legal representation to assist with completing the filing package for divorce in New York State

Is Mediation Right For You?
* Mediation gives both parties the power to control their fate. It allows the parties to find an agreeable solution at a reasonable cost by considering their unique circumstances
* The Court, in some instances, can approach cases in a way that can result in unagreeable solutions — at an unreasonable cost.
* With the cost of divorce in New York State skyrocketing when choosing litigation, mediation offers a much more economical alternative while allowing the parties to hold the power when making decisions.

Our mediator, Christina Moran, is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist and certified Divorce Mediator. Christina specializes in the treatment of individuals, families, and couples and provides a spectrum of services regarding the most sensitive areas of family life including, but not limited to, separation and/or divorce, co-parenting and mediation, and re-establishing relationships. Christina focuses on the interpersonal conflicts and stresses between the family, as well as family members’ individual conflicts. Christina was accredited by Divorce Mediation Training, Inc. and excels in conflict resolution, divorce, and family mediation.

Divorce Mediation

Why Mediation?
Going to court is often wrongfully assumed to be the only solution to resolve a case that involves a lot of conflict. Although court intervention may be the only answer in some cases, mediation can be a viable option when resolving divorce issues.

Mediation is inexpensive, efficient, and approaches divorce without taking an emotional toll. When brought to court, divorces have the power to ruin families, but mediation helps to keep the family together and prevents the children from feeling like victims in a separation or divorce.
As the mediator, I will educate the parties and conduct a fair negotiation designed to resolve relevant issues that impede a mutual agreement.

Divorce Mediation Areas of Focus:
* Primary Children’s Issues                             * Contents of the Home
* Custody of the Children                              * Vehicles
* Physical Custody and Parenting Plan             * Health and Dental Insurance
* Child Support                                           * Life Insurance
* Future Education                                        * Cash Assets
* Marital Assets                                           * Retirement and Pension Plans
* Marital Home                                           * Marital Debt/ Loans
* Equity Value                                              * Spousal Support


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