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Notebook and Pencil

As you work through your trauma with one of our therapists, you will notice:

* Decreased responses to traumatic triggers

* Greater understanding of self and others

* Feelings of compassion and forgiveness

* Insight regarding potentially harmful life patterns

* A greater understanding of your unique personality

* Greater capacity for emotional communication

* Improvements in social relationships


Each of our specialized therapists Cindy Prince (LCSW); Kerri Kosloff (LCSW); Julie Hochman (LCSW) is dedicated to providing a safe space where you can explore your psychological world. We are passionate about serving our community through thorough treatment and diagnosis, empathic understanding, and client-centered care. 

Trauma Counseling

Trauma therapy helps by giving you a place to freely process the hardship and stress of your life — in a safe, confidential space. Psychotherapy (also called counseling or therapy) is the most effective treatment option for working through trauma (Bisson et al, 2007; Wilson, Friedman, & Lindy, 2012).

Psychodynamic psychotherapists, such as those at The Life Center Counseling Group's, attune to the processes and thoughts that may not be immediately apparent, or unconscious (Stark, 2000). This allows clients to gain a deeper understanding of how the trauma affected them and why the traumatic stress persists. Although we cannot take away the traumatic experience, we can help clients overcome the after-effect of traumatic stress through post-traumatic stress disorder treatment.

Psychotherapy for trauma can be very difficult, and sometimes people begin to feel worse at the beginning of treatment. Much like engaging in physical therapy for a back injury, this is an important part of the healing process. Once the trauma can be processed and properly understood, trauma survivors are able to regain a sense of normalcy and wellness (Bradley et al, 2005).


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